Small Tuscan Kitchen Designs: 5 Steps Need To Apply

Are you interested to apply Tuscan kitchen design ideas? Although you have a small kitchen space, it isn’t a big problem. There are many small Tuscan kitchen designs you can try.

small Tuscan kitchen designs

Here are some steps to carry out small Tuscan kitchen designs, namely:

1. Due to small kitchen space then you should choose a light color for the kitchen wall. Classic colors such as yellow or cream may be the perfect choice. Bright colors can give a different touch to make the room more spacious.

2. For the floor, you can use a wood or tile made of marble with different colors. This could be one of tricks so the room looks great and gives an illusion, try to give a minimalist color pattern.

3. Choose a cabinet made of wood and give a white or cream color, matching the room color scheme.

4. As kitchen equipment, you can give a touch of wrought-iron hardware. You can make adjustments according to taste but it is better done in a minimalist.

5. For storage, you can install hanging pot rack or hanging storage. Don’t install too much, remember to make adjustments. This is the most important things of small Tuscan kitchen designs.

That’s 5 steps to become part of a small Tuscan kitchen designs. Have a try.

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