3 Ideas Build Baby Nursery for Unknown Gender

There are many reasons why some parents choose to carry out nursery ideas for unknown gender. They don’t want to know their baby’s gender until delivery time. They want to decorate baby nursery with challenge to find out baby’s gender.

nursery ideas for unknown gender

How to do that? Well, it’s not complicated at all. Simply pay attention to three important points, such as color scheme, theme, toys and decorations. If you want to run the same concept, we will discuss them for you.

1. Choose a theme that doesn’t have a relationship with boys or girls. For example, nursery for boys usually vehicles theme while doll theme is nursery for girls. In this case, you should avoid those themes. It would be better if you choose neutral themes such as farm, rainforest or animals.

You can make it into murals, posters, stencils or bedding. Choose a theme of funny and cute animals then your baby will love it.

nursery ideas for unknown gender

2. Consider the color scheme! Avoid colors associated with boys and girls such as pinks or blues. Choosing a neutral color is a wise choice. You may use colors like cream, white or green.

3. The last part is adorning the baby nursery with toys and decorations. You should avoid everything related with boys and girls. Select neutral toys!

Those are three ideas that you can apply if you want to make a baby nursery for unknown gender. Notice nursery ideas for unknown gender above in more detail way!

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